Colossus SportsTV is a Multifarious Online Sports Newsblog, Unbiased and with Emphasis on Relevant Sports Breaking News from Nigeria and Worldwide. is owned and operated by De Colossus Gists Enterprise, a registered Enterprise based in Nigeria.

The Colossus SportsTV Network

Having established a network of passionate football journalists and contributors based in different countries that will supply you with real-time flow of information, scores and results, trends in tactics and crowds, transfers and player payments, fashion and footwear, tips in fitness and diets and anything else that we are able to report on.

Colossus SportsTV brings together partners in the Sporting Space that own and operate successful content brands and distribution businesses across television, print, and the internet, and have the technology.

Our major aim in is to aggregate, collate and organize Relevant Sports News Items we believe are of interest to our viewers, focusing on Nigerians and Worldwide.

Colossus SportsTV as the name implies, source Relevant Sports news items from various top Sports platforms like Metro, Fox, Athletic, Independent, Goal, Talk Sport, Soccernet, One Football, Daily Posts, Daily Star, Express, and other numerous sources.

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